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Ginger tea lifted my Mood !!

Drinking ginger tea every day for a week — here’s how it affected my mental health

A cup of coffee is best known for us to have it each day for the caffeine kick, but quickly regret it after some time when they crash later in the day or feel like they need another cup. Caffeine can actually have adverse effects on your mental health, such as jitters, trouble sleeping, and irritability etc.

Knowing this information, we at Sun19 Farms went on make an organic natural product “Ginger Powder” which is caffeine-free & alternatively would help everyone stay awake with other health benefits to it.

That’s why most of our loved customers are recommending drinking Green tea with ginger powder every day atleast one time

1. After working a hectic week as a self-employed person, ginger tea reflected well and found that I handled it with ease compared to prior weeks. My mind was happy, energetic and I didn’t had to worry about getting everything done in a day. My sleep was sound because my reactive index reduced.

2. Ginger tea lifted my mood, I had more energy and no longer felt overwhelmed.

3. My memory, attention, and focus was sharpened, I was discipline in completing my assignments, especially during these unprecedented times. I was able to get through my work faster, had improved communication and overall outcomes in my relationships.

Pure Ginger extracts are high on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties & for the same reason it increases blood flow to the brain, improves nerve health and function, and increases neurotransmitters’ levels. Ginger also affects the release of dopamine in the brain, known as the “motivation molecule,” as it increases productivity.

4. My mood was improved:  Simple lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, sleep, and self-care can make a huge impact on your mood. Ginger tea lifted my spirits and energy & also increased my confidence with everyone around me. Ginger is known to affect the release of serotonin in the brain, which is called the “happiness molecule.” It helps maintain blood sugar levels and increases blood flow to the brain, affecting your energy levels and mood.

If you want to experience the effects of ginger tea in place of caffeinated beverages like coffee, you can pick up the Green tea bags & add a pinch of Ginger powder to your tea. Ginger powder can also be used in your culinary applications, for weight loss training, for improving colds and coughs.

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