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Company Profile

Welcome to

Ayaam Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Sun19 Farms is a certified proud Indian company. Approved by FSSAI, HACCP, ISO-9001 & APEDA. We cater packaged natural & organic fresh fruits and vegetables, Dried flakes and powder of F&V, organic spices & herbs & nouvelle foods.

Sun19 Farms, a unit of Ayaam projects Pvt. Ltd., is building on a long farm legacy by bringing together the best of the working experience in natural & organic cultivation, food processing, and technology along with consultancy services in these fields.

Why Organic?

Organic farming encourages food production that nurtures our soil through the absence of pesticides and the presence of rich compost. The inherent commitment of organic farming to crop rotations, living soil, rural enterprise, pure water, and sustainable agriculture is a critical step toward protecting our environment and our individual health.

In buying organic, you provide a marketplace for growers who have made the future of our planet a top priority.



Amla Candy has changed the concept of every time junk eating. All time favorite and good taste offering better health with minerals and vitamins. Much better than toffee or supari we all eat.

Priyanka Chaturvedi


 I’ve been using Sun19 Farms Organic Mustard Oil Yellow wala for a while now, and I’m truly amazed by the exceptional quality. From its natural taste & flavour to its multiple uses in kitchen, this product has exceeded all my expectations when compared to local market products

Aman Verma


I’ve tried many similar products in the past, but none have come close to the quality of Millet Cheela. The day we started using it, I could make my breakfast in time with quick lunch packing for snacking. Great taste !! Cheers.

Saloni Aggarwal