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Innovative Food Naturally

Range of plant based food products / your trusted partners for natural & organic certified food products




Range of plant based food products / your trusted partners for natural & organic certified food products



We are exporters of fresh F&V, coconut products & oils to European countries, Japan, Middle East markets. Packed & Processed at certified APEDA Packhouse
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Fruits & Vegetables

We are group of farmers and FPO across India who cultivate export quality food which are processed and supplied to Local markets.
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Dehydrated Vegetables & Fruits

Stop worrying about washing & cutting vegetables. Save time using dehydrated vegetables...
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Spices & Herbs

We help you in sourcing A-grade certified Farm produce across india
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Value added food products

Raw materials are further processed to make ready to eat or cook food products
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Organic Products

We provide organic certified products at wholesale cost from across India .
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What We Do

We provide plant based food Vegan/Nutritious

Premium Quality Food Products


Sun19 Farms is a certified proud Indian company. Approved by FSSAI, HACCP, ISO-9001 & APEDA. We cater packaged natural & organic fresh fruits and vegetables, Dried flakes and powder of F&V, organic spices & herbs & nouvelle foods.

State of the art Integrated processing unit for Vegetables, Fruits& Herbs, In-house Cold storage, Organic ripening unit and Dehydration plant, 120 kms from IGI New Delhi Airport, all natural & organic Ganga basin farming produce.

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We produce and supply range of organic certified food products




We produce and supply range of organic certified food products

Nutritious, healthy and tasty

Sun19 Dehydrated Vegetables are Nutritious, healthy and tasty.

100% safe for your health

During dehydration process the moisture is extracted, thereby inhibiting the growth of micro organisms without any use of preservatives or chemicals.

Easy storage and preservation

Due to low volume, Dehydrated vegetables are higly portable & are easily preserve and stored.
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Plant based diet

Dehydrated vegetables are perfect for plant based diet & makes an assortment of Homemade goods.

Saves a lot of time

Dehydrated Vegetables eliminates the hazels of using conventional fresh vegetables like peeling, cutting, slicing, chopping, grinding; saving a lot of time.

Shelf life upto 1 year

While maintaining the quality of dehydrated vegetables we increase the shelf life upto 1 year.


 I’ve been using Sun19 Farms Organic Mustard Oil Yellow wala for a while now, and I’m truly amazed by the exceptional quality. From its natural taste & flavour to its multiple uses in kitchen, this product has exceeded all my expectations when compared to local market products

Aman Verma


Very nice products. All innovative and plant-based nutrition. Keep it UP!!



I’ve tried many similar products in the past, but none have come close to the quality of Millet Cheela. The day we started using it, I could make my breakfast in time with quick lunch packing for snacking. Great taste !! Cheers.

Saloni Aggarwal


Amla Candy has changed the concept of every time junk eating. All time favorite and good taste offering better health with minerals and vitamins. Much better than toffee or supari we all eat.

Priyanka Chaturvedi


Quality is non-negotiable for me, and that’s why order Sun19 Millet cookies and Millet Cheela. The quality is very good. It’s a brand I trust.

Dr. Manorma Singh

Private Labelling
Private Labelling

Sun19 Farms also takes care of Private labelling, also known as white labelling. Such options offers a win-win solution for both manufacturers and retailers, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to the growth and success of both parties involved.

The process of private labelling typically involves the following steps:

  • Product Selection: Choose products from a catalogue or work with the manufacturer to customize products according to their preferences and requirements.
  • Branding and Packaging: Provide your details with kind of packaging for the particular product selected.

Transportation: We will supply directly to your store or warehouse in convenience.

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